Sleepwalker – Age Of Aquarius (No Surrender, No Retreat) (L.D Rmx)

sleepwalker-midniteIt’s been a while but today’s bargain jungle track is worth waiting for. This one was released in 1993 on the very short-lived label ‘Hardtimes Recordings‘, so short in fact this was the debut and final release the imprint produced.  I can only assume it was launched by the producer Sleepwalker, but there is little to be found about who Sleepwalker actually was, or if it was an alias for somebody more well known. Either way, this is a very solid three track EP.

On the A-side we have Spirit, a smooth track carried by the Funky Mule break which wouldn’t sound out of place alongside a Good Looking Records selection. The next track is an amen remix of Spirit and whilst it’s a decent track, it’s let down by a poor mix.

But this 12″ is all about the B-side; Age Of Aquarius remix by L.D. , and I suspect the Hardtimes crew knew this as they devoted the whole of the flip-side to it. According to Discogs, L.D. is apparently an alias of none-other than Lemon D. Although a full name is not listed in the producer credits, the first shout out on the label is to Lemon D himself, so it’s a good shout.

The tune itself is a brilliant mix of deep, dark atmospheric jungle which clings on to the hardcore sound. It starts with a hypnotic bleep melody before launching into a rolling amen and sub bass combo. Halfway through, the track breaks down and things take a darker turn, with spooky choir like chords and a menacing vocal sample; “No surrender, no retreat”.  Eventually the hypno-bleeps enter and the tune rolls out.

To me it ticks all the boxes for one of those cult tunes that passed under the radar, but still goes for 20/30 quid. But no. There are currently ten copies on sale on Discogs right now from a measly £1.50. Buy. It.

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