Sedzy – Go Ina It

sedzyMassive amen tune from Sedzy on L-Double’s Flex Records. This was tucked away on the b-side of All My Love but was the way stronger tune on the releases in my opinion. I’ve opened with this one a couple of times when playing out and it always got the place jumping instantly.

Flex put out some serious tunes back in the mid 90s. For me the label became a bit hit & miss once D&B was in full force but I was a huge fan of most of the bits that came out pre-97. I expect I’ll stick a few more up on Drum Trip in the future. Luckily most of these releases, although highly regarded by many, are pretty cheap to pick up. No excuses now, eh?

Get on Discogs where you can nab it from just £1.50 (at the time of writing).

The intro sample, “You have to control the sound tonight”, is sampled from the 1981 film Babylon which also contains many, many other snippets nicked for jungle tunes, including one ultra-famous one. Even though it looks a little dated now it’s actually well worth a watch. It’s also great if you’re a South Londoner, like me, as lots of it is set around the streets of Brixton (in fact a few metres from my front door!) just around the time of the riots.

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