Bargain Jungle Archive

Deep Blue – Sunset Over Stevenage

Jungle Owes Stevenage Money Stevenage (Hertfordshire) gets a pretty bad rep, and to be honest, some of it is deserved. It was the first of a series of 28 new towns to be built across post-war Britain, as such parts of it are pretty drab to look at to say the least. It also harbours

Jon The Dentist ‎– France (DJ Trace V. Ed Rush Mix)

A bit of a cult classic this one. Trance and Hard House producer Jon The Dentist meets two of D&B’s finest in Trace & Ed Rush. There’s not too much information available online about the original mix – I assume it was 4-4 in nature, but Ed Rush and Trace turned it into a real

Spring Heel Jack – Wide As The Moon (Hyper On Experience Remix)

Bargain Jungle Spring Heel Jack were a production duo who started their career experimenting with the mid 90s jungle sound, on the edges of the jungle scene. Their debut LP ‘There Are Strings’ released on the respected Rough Trade imprint was a mix of lush atmospheric strings and chords with off kilter drums alongside a

Tommy the Coat – All Too’z Up Records mix

Great mix by Tommy the Coat here showcasing the excellent yet underrated label Too’z Up Records. Too’z Up was the playground for the equally underrated producers Sub Sequence who, with a little help from Intense, created a slew of smart, forward thinking jungle releases from 1994 to 1996. Sub Sequence were a duo comprised of Walter

The Architex – Blueprint (DJ Pulse Remix)

Bargain Jungle Today’s tune is another from my personal archives, one of those records you don’t even remember when or where you got it from, but I’m glad it now rests in the shelves. The Architex were a production trio consisting of DJ Kwest alongside the perhaps better known DJ Ink and J-Dub, both who

Bargain Jungle: DJ Solo feat. J.T. – Pressure (Peshay Remix)

James Lavelle’s seminal label Mo Wax has been responsible for quite a few jungle drum and bass tracks over the years. Especially in the mid 90s when drum & bass was at it’s creative height, it fitted nicely into the label’s eclectic discography. Source Direct, Dillinja and J Majik were all responsible for productions and