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Norty But Nice – Give It To Me Baby

*Disclaimer* I’m not a happy hardcore fan. Once it hit 95′ and it all went very fast, very 4-4 and all just a bit mad; it really wasn’t for me. However, go back to 1992, just before darkcore took over, and I am a huge fan of happy sounding, piano led tracks. And when I

Law & Wheeler – Jungle Hardcore Mix – November 2006

A nice little mix here recorded back in 2006 alongside my good friend and longtime (though intermittent) mixing-partner-in-crime; Wheeler aka Double-V aka Clangmaster Flex. We may well have been drunk when it was mixed together but most of the set is very passable. What I love about this selection is nearly all of these tunes

Haste – Ragga Jungle Part 4: Skylarking

Little old skool jungle mix I knocked up recently that I thought would be worth sharing. It’s not all ragga, some other styles of jungle in there to keep things sounding fresh. Hopefully a few bits & pieces that might be new to some people’s ears. DJ Peekay – Deep Physics [Fokus Studio] Jay J

Jungle Mania Returns @ Hidden : 26th March

The legendary Jungle Mania returns @ Hidden, London, 26th March. Featuring legends such as; Micky Finn Kenny Ken Brockie Nicky Blackmarket Ratpack Slipmatt Ellis D