Law & Wheeler – Jungle Hardcore Mix – November 2006

parliament musicA nice little mix here recorded back in 2006 alongside my good friend and longtime (though intermittent) mixing-partner-in-crime; Wheeler aka Double-V aka Clangmaster Flex.

We may well have been drunk when it was mixed together but most of the set is very passable.
What I love about this selection is nearly all of these tunes were purchased on Christmas eve for a pittance.
Around 2002 (we were 16/17 years old) on our travels around the local estate in the county town of Hertford we came across an individual desperate for some immediate cash in exchange for about 50 old hardcore and jungle tracks

Back then I wasn’t quite as clued up on my jungle history as today but Wheeler duly obliged and relieved the guy of his tunes, if I remember it was all for about £30.00 or so, a paltry sum of money for any batch of 50 records.

It was only a couple of years later we realised that value of some of these tracks, as well as over half the tunes featured in this mix, we also found the black press of Foul Play – Finest Illusion (for some reason I played the legal mix here) which I have seen fetch three figures.
One of my since personal favourites too; the Nookie produced Man Like Pennywise – Mystery, which is also worth a few quid, as well as the original press of Bukem – Atlantis and a fair few Moving Shadow bits.

One of the records had a logo on it we were already well familiar with, and it was that of local record shop Parliament Music which had been opened by Omni Trio around a decade earlier. Unbeknownst to me at the time Parliament ran their own label in the early 90s with Omni Trio heading it up and releasing several pre Moving Shadow tracks. The track in question was the excellent piano led slice of hardcore Pianism, under his Splice alias.

With eBay and online retailers you don’t get too many of these stories anymore, with people often far more enlightened about the value of their black plastic discs but I will always remember the day we came across that guy.

To the mix…

Law b2b Wheeler – Hardcore and Jungle Classics Mix by The Law on Mixcloud

1.) Splice (Omni Trio) – Pianism – Parliament Records
2.) Urban Takeover – Some Justice – Urban Shakedown
3.) Liquid – Sweet Harmony – XL
4.) 2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare – Moving Shadow
5.) Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Peace & Loveism (4 Hero Remix) – Surburban Base?
6.) Blame – The Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix) – Shadow
7.) Pennywise – Mystery – Symphony Sounds
8.) LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (I Need You) – Good Looking
9.) Omni Trio – Rollin’ Heights (Foul Play Remix) – Shadow
10.) Foul Play – Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) – Moving Shadow
11.) Nookie – Give A Little Love (N.H.S Remix) – Absolute Records
12.) Norty But Nice – Give It To Me Baby – Norty But Nice
13.) LTJ Bukem – A Couple Of Beats – Good Looking
14.) Goldie – Terminator 2 – Reinforced
15.) Doc Scott – Drumz VIP – Metalheads

We would love to hear your stories of cheap and bargainous jungle purchases….

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