Norty But Nice – Give It To Me Baby

norty but nice - give it to me baby*Disclaimer*
I’m not a happy hardcore fan. Once it hit 95′ and it all went very fast, very 4-4 and all just a bit mad; it really wasn’t for me. However, go back to 1992, just before darkcore took over, and I am a huge fan of happy sounding, piano led tracks. And when I say this, I mean tunes like Manix – Head In The Clouds or Splice – Pianism.

This track here bridges the gap nicely without getting too far into Brisk and Ramos territory.

Norty But Nice was an alias of non other than Ellis Dee. Released in 1994, I imagine it didn’t really get much airplay from the jungle DJs on the circuit, at a time when you either played either gunshot and siren peppered ragga sounds, or the emerging deep drum and bass style. But I first came across this record when a friend purchased it along with a whole heap of other jungle and drum and bass tracks in 1999, a few years before I properly started collecting old jungle.

As such we used to drop it quite regularly between more upbeat productions from producers like Omni Trio, Danny Breaks and Nookie. Or, just as often we would pitch it down and drop it with hardcore from a couple of years before.

But without getting wrapped up in labels and sub-genres, a good tune is a good tune right? It has pianos without being too corny, the obligatory diva vocals, rolling D&B beats and halfway through a little bass section reminiscent of another one of my favourites ‘Fast Floor – Plight Of The Innovators‘. Good vibes!

Hands in the air please.

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