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Drumtrip Sessions #05 – Eazyflow

After a bit of a delay since the last sessions, Eazyflow hits us with #05. Taking you through some 1991 breakbeat influences – Some classic tunes that helped shaped his musical tastes, and drum and bass itself. For my stint on the Sessions roster I decided to go way back to the rave era. However,

Drumtrip Sessions #01 – DJ Extreme

Welcome to the new regular feature Drumtrip Sessions. Drumtrip Sessions will exclusively showcase the mixing and selecting talents of DJ’s from across the word. Spinning hardcore, jungle, drum and bass, and maybe even a few surprises. It is a pleasure to be able to launch the Sessions with a mix by DJextreme. Extreme is responsible for countless

Law – Metalheadz vs Prototype mix

Drum and bass at the moment feels very old skool, very Headz, very Blue Note. For a couple of reasons I think… Goldie has just celebrated the twenty years in the game with the retrospect album ‘Alchemist’ and of course has been promoting it heavily on TV, radio and online. The highlight being his three

Law & Wheeler – Jungle Hardcore Mix – November 2006

A nice little mix here recorded back in 2006 alongside my good friend and longtime (though intermittent) mixing-partner-in-crime; Wheeler aka Double-V aka Clangmaster Flex. We may well have been drunk when it was mixed together but most of the set is very passable. What I love about this selection is nearly all of these tunes

Raime – Jungle Mix for Fact Mag

I can’t claim to know a huge amount about production duo Raime. But on my daily trawlings through the web I see they knocked up a fantstic looking Jungle mix for Fact Mag. Their own creations may at first sound like a world away from the beats in this mix but upon further inspection you

Dark Metalheadz Mix by The Law

A mix I knocked up in 2007, showcasing some of the darker Headz tunes up until around 1996. I have re-upped this one in anticipation to Metalheadz History sessions at Cable on 19th November 2011. More on the official Facebook event page. As you would expect, plenty of Rufige, Photek , Source Direct, Dilinja and co.