Law – Metalheadz vs Prototype mix

diggingDrum and bass at the moment feels very old skool, very Headz, very Blue Note.
For a couple of reasons I think…

Goldie has just celebrated the twenty years in the game with the retrospect album ‘Alchemist’ and of course has been promoting it heavily on TV, radio and online. The highlight being his three hour interview / biography on Uncle Dugs’ Rinse FM show. Buy the album, no discerning junglite’s collection could be with out it.

All the Headz crew were recently interviewed for Red Bull music academy to tell tales of the incubator for all things Metalheadz. Regardless of whether you went to the sessions at Blue Note or not, this interview is a must read.
You really get a feel for how important the night was, not just for Goldie but the entire D&B scene as a whole.
I don’t think we have seen anything like it since, it helped drum and bass mature and reach new creative heights at a club where being different and playing something new was more important that playing it safe and spinning the same old anthems.

And dBridge’s excellent Exit Recordings has just celebrated its ten year anniversary, culminating in the hugely anticipated party at Fire, South London. I went to this night and yes it was busy as fuck and a bit hairy getting between rooms, but musically it was so on point.
Old skool sets from Fabio, Krust & Die and the best ’til last, Doc Scott.

Doc Scott’s set was the one I had been most excited for, he had spent the last week digging through old dubplates and teasing his followers with pictures of unreleased gems he has just knocking around.

Needless to say, the set was brilliant, as was the crowd. I heard to name a few, Unofficial Ghost VIP, Your Sound, Threshold, and of course the mad edit of Terminator which sent the place wild (the last tune, naturally).

With all this old skool excitement it was fairly obvious a mix would come of it. So I went for arguably the two most important figures in drum and bass history. Grooverider and Goldie.

It’s apparent that the Rider was a huge influence on Goldie, he says as much on the Rinse FM interview.
They draw a few parallels too; they are both huge characters, run (ran) hugely important labels, both produce alongside an engineer.. and both have created and remixed some amazing music.

For this mix I intended to pit some of the labels’ (perhaps) lesser played tracks against each other. But in the end it became impossible to ignore a few rinsed anthems, so in they went.

So in honour of Goldikus, Codename John and the King of the Rollers…..

01. Ed Rush – Subway – Prototype
02. Source Direct – Web Of Sin – Metalheadz
03. Goldie – This Is A Baad (Source Direct Remix) – Razors Edge
04. Dillinja – Got To – Prototype
05. J Majik – Jim Kutta – Metalheadz
06. Doc Scott – Drumz ’95 – Metalheadz
07. Boymerang – Still – Prototype
08. Ed Rush – The Raven – Metalheadz
09. John B – Secrets – Prototype
10. Goldie – Kemistry (Grooverider VIP) – Razors Edge
11. Optical – To Shape The Future (Remix) – Metalheadz
12. Optical – High Tek Dreams – Prototype
13. Doc Scott – Swarm – Metalheadz
14. Peshay – The Nocturnal (Back On The Firm) – Metalheadz
15. J Majik – Your Sound – Metalheadz
16. Codename John – Deep Inside – Prototype

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