Bargain Jungle Archive

Bargain Jungle: The Basic Influence – Still Waters

Its been a while but a new bargainous tune; Hardleaders was an odd label which featured Dillinja, Lemon D and Decoder (of Orca fame) producing under various aliases, as well as a few other well known, and not so recognisable names. Hardleaders, a subsidiary of the seminal techno and hardcore label Kickin Records, appeared to

Bargain Jungle: Michelle Gayle – Sweetness (LTJ Bukem Remix)

Yes another Bukem remix, this one of the lesser played ones, for what reason I’m unsure. What I do know is that Bukem, alongside Photek and Dillinja got a lot of remix work from 94 to 96 from major labels, and major labels usually mass produce their records which of course equals; bargain jungle. Michelle

Bargain Jungle: Wax Doctor – Heat / Offshore Drift

Wax Doctor has always been well respected in jungle circles but is perhaps underrated or even unknown the D&B mainstream these days. Maybe best known for his Metalheadz releases and partnership with Alex Reece, he produced some truly beautiful tracks around 1995/97. This one is a fine example, two jazzy numbers, and best of all

Tune of the day: DOPE – Travelling PT2, by Wilsh of Uncertified

You could say this tune takes you on a journey, but that would be pretentious. But Travelling is a 12″ itself that had a journey *ahem* originally on Rugged Vinyl and finally released on Good Looking but still had the Rugged Vinyl logo on the record. I’m sure someone somewhere is able to give you

Bargain Jungle: NGO – Windermere (The Jungle Mixes)

This release was by JVC to promote Tekken on the original Playstation and not only is it cheap, its features five wicked tunes in on one plate. You get remixes from from jungle heavy hitters T-Power, Dillinja, Lemon D and two mixes from Dubtronix, all from as little as £1.50 on discogs. I uploaded Dubtronix’s

Bargain Jungle: Total Science – Split Personality

Total Science might not be at the same standard these days, but from 1992 to the turn of the millenium they were (along with Dillinja) the most consistent and productive producers around, and they could easily turn their hand to any style. Split Personality came out on Timeless in 1996, sounding very much like Source