Bargain Jungle: Michelle Gayle – Sweetness (LTJ Bukem Remix)

Yes another Bukem remix, this one of the lesser played ones, for what reason I’m unsure.
What I do know is that Bukem, alongside Photek and Dillinja got a lot of remix work from 94 to 96 from major labels, and major labels usually mass produce their records which of course equals; bargain jungle.

Michelle Gayle might be best remembered for her stint on UK soap stalwart ‘Eastenders’, but I will remember her for this splendid remix Bukem knocked up for her 1994 hit ‘Sweetness’
Totally different from the original, Bukem uses minimal vocals, sweeping and bubbling synths, of course along with a fairly standard 2-step ‘Think’ break and sub bass combo.

It’s a nice, deep tune, nothing less than would you would expect from Bukem at his peak, and best of it came out on RCA and is dirt cheap nowadays.

Grab this from for as little as 49-bleedin’-pence (£0.49)

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