Bargain Jungle: NGO – Windermere (The Jungle Mixes)

windermereThis release was by JVC to promote Tekken on the original Playstation and not only is it cheap, its features five wicked tunes in on one plate.

You get remixes from from jungle heavy hitters T-Power, Dillinja, Lemon D and two mixes from Dubtronix, all from as little as £1.50 on discogs.
I uploaded Dubtronix’s Ultraphonic Remix, as its my favourite of the lot.

All of the mixes a fairly different too, the Dubtronix mix is eerie with with a machine gun think break running throughout alongside ominous strings and horns.
The Dillinja ‘roll out’ mix does what it says on the tin with a big amen break rolling through the track.
And the T-Power track is reminiscent of his work on his excellent debut album ‘Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind’.

All the mixes sound distinctly different, and with a price this cheap its a scandal if you don’t own a copy!

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