Tune of the day: DOPE – Travelling PT2, by Wilsh of Uncertified

You could say this tune takes you on a journey, but that would be pretentious. But Travelling is a 12″ itself that had a journey *ahem* originally on Rugged Vinyl and finally released on Good Looking but still had the Rugged Vinyl logo on the record. I’m sure someone somewhere is able to give you a full on history of why. Let’s just be safe in the knowledge that this tune got released and the world is a better place for it.

My history with Travelling extends back to it’s release year of 1994, buying it from DJ Pulses’ (and staffed by another member of Jazz Cartel and later Madcap) Buzz Records in High Wycombe at the same time I bought Dubplate Remix and Inner City Life if I remember back rightly. This was my first ever jungle purchase, my first dip into the big wide ocean of DJing. Also I was on my way to a Wycombe Wanderers match. It’s the little details.

Having heard another version on Fabio’s Kiss Show in July 1994 – which I believe remains unreleased sadly, RUGGED 13 comes close – under the name of Dope on Plastic, hearing this on vinyl for the first time I had to get my head around essentially to my ears a remix. Travelling Part 2 has since remained a staple of my DJ sets over the years – some would say milking it – easily slipping into more modern sets. Layered classic breaks, dropping out for little switches with that breakdown. Yes, that breakdown. Goosepimples arise to this day. Deep and atmospheric. Just such an amazing DJ tool with depth to it’s musicality as well.

The flip, Slow Train to Philly mix, underrated. More for listening pleasure but not being able to find it on youtube points to it being the overlooked poor brother of Part 2. It’s by no means shows, quality oozing from this more mellow mix of the tune.

A bargain to be found with this tune, although it does seem to be going up in price slowly. There are bigger classics. But this tune never ever gets boring to me. Fast forward almost 16 years and it still brings a smile to my face.

Big thanks to Wilsh @ www.uncertifiedmusic.com, check the new release Villem & Madcap – UNCERT003.
Oh, and of course, listen to Travelling Pt2 right below and Wilsh also knocked up a little mix oldskool mix featuring this classic, stream it below via mixcloud.com

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