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Bargain Jungle: Funki Porcini – King Ashabanapal (Dillinja Remix)

Big remix here from Dillinja, as they all were back in 1995, this time Ninja Tune stalwart Funki Porcini gets the treatment, the tune being King Ashabanapal. The original is a fairly downtempo affair, Dillinja switches it as he does; with amens everywhere and huge sub bass, it is a fairly standard amen work out

Bargain Jungle: DJ Crystl – Warp Drive (Remix)

It took me a while to really appreciate Warp Drive remix after being so obsessed by the original for years, but this is the kind of tune you need to listen to extremely loud, or with headphones and let it just take you away. It is a fantastic remix, every aspect of the original has

Bargain Jungle: M-Beat & Jamiroquai – Do U Know (Where You’re Coming From)

Like many big, and respected acts of the mid 90’s Jamiroquai dabbled in a bit of jungle, but it was not just a thoughtless remix, they actually collaborated with the once huge (and then outcasted) M-Beat. Jamiroquai were already well known for their laid back, acid jazz stylings and it seemed a logical progression (sorry!)

Unreleased Source Direct dubplates for sale

I have decided to let go of the three Source Direct dubplates I bought a few years back. They are just gathering dust and it made sense to move them on to someone who will give them a better home, plus I could use the funds to get the ever elusive Truper Vol III and

Bargain Jungle: A Guy Called Gerald – Nazinji-Zaka

Released in 1994, this dark tune is so ahead of its time, with its use of heavy tribal beats and for as little as 3 pounds, you can purchase one of Gerald’s finest tunes.

Bargain Jungle: 2.2 – No Man

This tune came out in 1996 on a one release label named Blu Inc & it was made by Dillinja, using one of his many aliases. It features use of his trademark amen, Public Enemy vocal snippets and a jazzy horn sample Readily available on Discogs or as little as 2 pounds, this overlooked tune is a must-have for all