Bargain Jungle: The Basic Influence – Still Waters

stillwatersIts been a while but a new bargainous tune;
Hardleaders was an odd label which featured Dillinja, Lemon D and Decoder (of Orca fame) producing under various aliases, as well as a few other well known, and not so recognisable names.

Hardleaders, a subsidiary of the seminal techno and hardcore label Kickin Records, appeared to start life as a way of Kickin’ to licence jungle compilations (as early as 93) under a different brand. The selections for these compilations were always on-point, see exhibit A; Hardleaders Vol 3 – Enter The Darkside.

Dillinja was a man of many aliases, such as Capone and Trinity, however he released Still Waters under the name ‘The Basic Influence’. It would become the only time he ever used the alias, except for a lesser known remix of Still Waters released in 1998.
Big huge bass, amens and typical Dillinja rowdyness on this, and as it never got the hype that Dillinja’s most well known Hardleaders tune ‘Friday’ got; it can be picked up little as 99p on Discogs.

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