Bargain Jungle Archive

Bargain Jungle: Funky Technicians – Day By Day

Two Bargain Jungle’s in 1 week! This one is brought to you by Funky Technicians, known now as the prolific duo Total Science (Spinback & Q Project). The tune starts off with a extended intro that slowly builds up with pads and rides, which then falls into a healthy amen break that is sure to make

Bargain Jungle: Grace – If I Could Fly (LTJ Bukem’s Roll It Mix)

It’s been a while since the last post, for various reasons but we return with a new bargain jungle selection. As touched on previously, around 1995 to 97 D&B was celebrated in the UK media as a creative outlet for the urban youth of the time and everyone wanted a piece. Legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold,

Bargain Jungle: David Holmes – Gone (PFM Remix)

Another edition to our bargin jungle feature, and this one really is a bargain. In the 90’s when dance music exploded onto the commercial scene across Europe, countless major labels, desperate to cash in and gain some credibility, either created their own sublabels or bought out smaller indie labels to distribute the booming talent. As

Bargain Jungle: Hidden Rooms LP – Certificate 18

A bit of a special edition of our bargin jungle feature today as it is not just the one tune being featured, but eight! Certificate 18 started life as forward thinking hardcore label with a techno influenced sound, early stalwarts of the label included the legendary Photek, Source Direct and Klute among others. Photek dominated the early

Bargain Jungle: Ruby – Salt Water Fish (Peshay Remix)

Inspired by listening to both J- Rolla and Blick’s excellent All Peshay Mixes todays bargain jungle tune is Ruby – Salt Water Fish (Peshay Remix). Ruby was the collaboration of singer Lesley Rankine and Mark Walk. The duo, were originally from London, relocated to Seattle, Washington and concentrated on their trip hop / industrial styles resulting in two

Bargain Jungle: Scarface – I Seen A Man Die (4 Hero Remixes)

I’m a huge hip hop fan, and primarily East Coast, listening to Nas and Wu-Tang long before Jungle cast it’s spell on me. Despite coming from the South, Scarface (of Geto Boys fame) was as real as any East Coast rap, with his very deep and grainy voice, simple but effective rhymes; I Seen A