Bargain Jungle: M-Beat & Jamiroquai – Do U Know (Where You’re Coming From)

M-Beat & Jamiroquai - Do U Know (Where Your Coming From)Like many big, and respected acts of the mid 90’s Jamiroquai dabbled in a bit of jungle, but it was not just a thoughtless remix, they actually collaborated with the once huge (and then outcasted) M-Beat.

Jamiroquai were already well known for their laid back, acid jazz stylings and it seemed a logical progression (sorry!) that they would make a jazzy / mellow drum & bass tune as Bukem and co. were so popular.

The beauty of this remix is despite its happy, sing-a-long lyrics it still, to me anyway, carries an air of D&B respectability with production from M-Beat, and remixes from Jumping Jack Frost and DJ Dextrous.

The original M-Beat mix features Jay Kay on the vocals, along side some unidentified MC with some simple rhymes on the build up (extended mix only). Breezy sub bass and rhodes make for a nice track.
The Jumping Jack Frost remix is more of a stepper; its fully instrumental, switched up rhodes and bass and a stomping beat.

If you are a Jamiroquai fan anyway, like myself, its definitely a worth addition to any collection.
As always we end on the price, currently as cheap as 75p (yes £0.75) on discogs. Get in.

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