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TOTD – Klute – Ram Raider

Several weeks ago I was discussing with Rise, a great friend and and a great DJ, about what tracks would be fitting for a very dark drum & bass/jungle mix, without  making it too “techsteppish”. We referenced the obvious tunes such as “Dylan – Witchcraft“, “Source Direct – The Crane“, and “Decoder – Fog“. However,

Bargain Jungle – Moul’y & Lucida ‎– Inertia / Prophecy Remixes

Today’s Bargain Jungle is brought to you by Moul’y & Lucida (Alex Moul & G. Fisken). I personally know very little about the duo, however it is an interesting fact to know that Alex Moul (Moul’y) is now a pro skater, skating for none other then Flip Skateboards (click here for video). Moul’y & Lucida have several

TOTD: Seba & Lo Tek – So Long

Today’s tune of the day is by Staffan Soderman (Lo Tek) and one of the most prolific producers of the Drum & Bass/Jungle scene: Sebastian Ahrenberg (Seba). But this is not to undermine Lo Tek, as he has partaken in many great collaborations during the 90s that have really aged well through time, including today’s TOTD. The track, initially

Tune Of The Day: Decoder – Fog

Decoder (also known as Orca for the early jungle heads) has brought, in my opinion, his most solid releases from 1995 to 2000. Decoder, or Darren Beale as it says on his passport was been responsible for a huge amount of hardcore, jungle and drum and bass since his early outings on Lucky Spin and Deejay Recordings. Under

Bargain Jungle: Funky Technicians – Day By Day

Two Bargain Jungle’s in 1 week! This one is brought to you by Funky Technicians, known now as the prolific duo Total Science (Spinback & Q Project). The tune starts off with a extended intro that slowly builds up with pads and rides, which then falls into a healthy amen break that is sure to make

Tune of the day: DJ Trace – Lost Entity (Remix)

DJ Trace (Duncan Hutchinson), is a name that has been around from the early beginnings of jungle. Most appreciated by me for his lush pads and interesting drum construction, Trace released a fair few pieces on wax that will stay in my record collection for ever. Lost Entity was his first solo release on the fairly popular