Bargain Jungle: Scarface – I Seen A Man Die (4 Hero Remixes)

Scarface - I Seen A Man DieI’m a huge hip hop fan, and primarily East Coast, listening to Nas and Wu-Tang long before Jungle cast it’s spell on me.
Despite coming from the South, Scarface (of Geto Boys fame) was as real as any East Coast rap, with his very deep and grainy voice, simple but effective rhymes; I Seen A Man Die is probably my favourite track of his.

Enter 4Hero; Two mixes here by the Doris Hill legends, the first of which (NW2 Gangsta Move) is a kinda mellow yet dark take on the original, beats that sound familiar to Inner City Life, using the Apache and Funky Mule breaks to name a couple. A simple Rhodes plays along in the background as Scarface tells the whole story, Definitely my preferred mix.

The ‘5.30am Mix’ is a harder affair with a big drop for the dancefloor, still worth a look in.
It’s very rare you get a Jungle / D&B track that works with a full rap, verses and hooks, but the Gangsta Move mix really pulls it off.

Of course, it’s as cheap as chips and available on discogs from 25 stupid pence (£0.25). Definitely worth it as you get the original radio mix thrown in as well which is utterly vintage.

To take an apt quote from the track, ‘It’s 1994 and we up against the same shit’.

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