Bargain Jungle: Hidden Rooms LP – Certificate 18

Certificate 18A bit of a special edition of our bargin jungle feature today as it is not just the one tune being featured, but eight!
Certificate 18 started life as forward thinking hardcore label with a techno influenced sound, early stalwarts of the label included the legendary Photek, Source Direct and Klute among others.

Photek dominated the early released schedule under his Cynthetics and Studio Pressure moniker, conjuring up amazing tracks like Presha III and Jump MK II (Below)

Hidden Rooms LPThe label also featured the first appearance by a young Source Direct who started out under the alias of Sounds Of Life as they launched their debut the Trust Me EP.

The Hidden Rooms LP is a mix of some of the labels best and most well known tracks up until 1996.
Two tracks each from Studio Pressure, Sounds Of Life, Klute and Motiv One aka Twisted Anger.

The two Photek tracks alone would set you back around £30.00 (minimum) a piece and the Sounds Of Life tracks a little less, which makes this LP an absolute steal starting from £2.00 on Discogs (a little more for a UK seller currently).

A1 Studio Pressure – Jump Mk II
A2 Studio Pressure – Relics
B1 Motive One – Funk 78 (Remix)
B2 Motive One – Technical Wizardry
C1 Sounds Of Life (2) – Hidden Rooms
C2 Sounds Of Life (2) – Currents (Remix)
D1 Klute – F.P.O.P. (Klute And The Freedom Remix)
D2 Klute – Work Out

So if you want a cheaper way to enjoy some of the best Photek and Source Direct work on wax, or you don’t want to wear out your Precious Jump MK II plate; look no further. Comes with great, Bladerunner inspired sleeve art too.

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