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World Dance – Access All Areas (A Dedication)

World Dance – Access All Areas, a VHS that will no doubt bring home a million memories of sitting in front of the television in amazement. Trying to spot your mates looking wasted in the crowd or even attempting to piece back memories of events……… In a similar stance to early Fantazia recordings, the promoters

L Double – The Mad Phunk

L Double’s Flex Records was on fire back in ’95, in my mind at least. His tracks from then were perfect examples of  bouncy, steppin’ jungle laced with hip hop samples and booming basslines. This one, nicking a cheesy as you like vocal from crooners Boyz II Men, has always been a fav of mine. Tucked

Drumtrip Sessions #03 – DJ Jamie

Sessions #03 comes to us from Drumtrip contributor DJ Jamie. What Jamie doesn’t know about mid 90s jump up Drum and Bass  can’t be worth knowing. And as well as writing here at Drumtrip, he is also a regular at Drum and Bass Arena*, our mates Every Day Junglist and UK Bass Music. * Check

Sedzy – Go Ina It

Massive amen tune from Sedzy on L-Double’s Flex Records. This was tucked away on the b-side of All My Love but was the way stronger tune on the releases in my opinion. I’ve opened with this one a couple of times when playing out and it always got the place jumping instantly. Flex put out