Drumtrip Sessions #03 – DJ Jamie

sessions03Sessions #03 comes to us from Drumtrip contributor DJ Jamie.

What Jamie doesn’t know about mid 90s jump up Drum and Bass  can’t be worth knowing.
And as well as writing here at Drumtrip, he is also a regular at Drum and Bass Arena*, our mates Every Day Junglist and UK Bass Music.

* Check out his interview with one of Jungle’s unsung heros; DJ Teebone.

For his Sessions #03  mix he takes us through some of his favourite rough and ready jungle cuts with a few anthems, and a couple I’ve not heard of.

Here’s a few words on the mix from the man himself…

Some of these tracks go way back to my school days, especially the likes of Ray Keith’s ‘Ridge Racer’ and Bad Behaviors ‘Bust It Like This’. This was the era of Made 2 Fade mixers, Pro 150’s and cheap Soundlab strobes, it was also a fantastic time to be playing House, Jungle, Hardcore – anything that was still underground. For anyone involved in this fantastic era of UK music this is a chance to relive some of my favourite memories, exclusively put together for Drumtrip.

Shout’s to Lee Inject, Guy Phobic, Simon, Matt KD, Kieran, Danny Frost.

01. Ray Keith – Ridge Racer (Jazz Step Mix)
02. L Double Feat. MC Det – Dubplate Special
03. The Soul-Jah – Down With The Lites
04. DJ Stretch & DJ Ride – Selector (Jungle)
05. DJ Kane – The Way It Goes Down!
06. Maximum Style – One 4 Da MC’s (Original Mix)
07. Marvellous Cain – Chewbacca
08. Roni Size – Fashion
09. The Terrorist – The Chopper
10. The Dream Team – Raw Dogs (Original Mix)
11. Marvellous Cain – Survive No.1
12. Rampage – Godfather
13. Bad Behaviour – Bust It Like This
14. Kaleef – Golden Brown (Aphrodite & Mickey Finn Mix)
15. DJ Krome & Mr Time – Hip Hop Ride
16. Kenny Ken – So Much Trouble
17. The X – New Dawn

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