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Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 4: Nibbers

The latest mix set from the “Long live beautifully crafted Jungle!” Facebook group comes from deep within the crates of Andrea aka Nibbers. The man knows his stuff and draws for a selection that really represents what the Facebook group is all about; deep and atmospheric moods with clinical beats. Remember to check out and join the group which has

KMC – Fusion Studio Mix 1996

If you are a fan of atmospheric Drum and Bass there is a good chance you’ll know Scottish DJ and producer KMC. He was one of few DJs (at the time) in Scotland who pioneered jungle in the midsts of the much more common happy hardcore and gabber scene of 90s. He went on to

Bargain Jungle – Moul’y & Lucida ‎– Inertia / Prophecy Remixes

Today’s Bargain Jungle is brought to you by Moul’y & Lucida (Alex Moul & G. Fisken). I personally know very little about the duo, however it is an interesting fact to know that Alex Moul (Moul’y) is now a pro skater, skating for none other then Flip Skateboards (click here for video). Moul’y & Lucida have several