DJ Madcap – Class Of 1993 Mix

A splendid mix from Uncertified and Good Looking Records DJ Madcap. If you know the name, you will know the reputation for oldskool sets that comes with it and this mix is no exception. Madcap ‘Class Of 93’ Vol.1 by Madcapuk on Mixcloud 01. Pulse & Wax Doctor ‘Lay Back’ Creative Wax 02. Pulse &

Law, Kola Nut, Stimpy, Ripon & J Funk – The Essential Jungle Mix

Myself and a few others knocked this up way back in 2006, and fitting perfectly in our designated timezone at Drumtrip, it makes sense to add it. You can see the original 2006 thread at here This basically consisted of each DJ doing their seperate parts, and then my good self pasted them all

Record grooves under an electron microscope

Right, this has nothing to do with Jungle really, except the medium of Vinyl, which we all love dearly like our own little 12′ inch, noisy, radial children. Taken from, it shows what looks like a lunar landscape as opposed to tiny grooves, although it makes me worry further what damage my needle might

Bargain Jungle: NGO – Windermere (The Jungle Mixes)

This release was by JVC to promote Tekken on the original Playstation and not only is it cheap, its features five wicked tunes in on one plate. You get remixes from from jungle heavy hitters T-Power, Dillinja, Lemon D and two mixes from Dubtronix, all from as little as £1.50 on discogs. I uploaded Dubtronix’s

Jungle Mania Returns @ Hidden : 26th March

The legendary Jungle Mania returns @ Hidden, London, 26th March. Featuring legends such as; Micky Finn Kenny Ken Brockie Nicky Blackmarket Ratpack Slipmatt Ellis D

AWOL @ Indigo2 : Saturday 27th March 2010

AWOL A WAY OF LIFE As we start our assault on 2010 with the first awol night of the year, prepare yourself to be dropped behind enemy lines. Join the awol platoon on Saturday the 27th of March from 9pm to 5 am as we transform the indigo 2 with a military theme never witnessed