DJ Madcap – Class Of 1993 Mix

A splendid mix from Uncertified and Good Looking Records DJ Madcap.
If you know the name, you will know the reputation for oldskool sets that comes with it and this mix is no exception.

Madcap ‘Class Of 93’ Vol.1 by Madcapuk on Mixcloud

01. Pulse & Wax Doctor ‘Lay Back’ Creative Wax
02. Pulse & Wax Doctor ‘Bounty Killaz’ Creative Wax
03. Pulse & Wax Doctor ‘Approach & Identify’ Creative Wax
04. Tango & Ratty ‘Final Conflict Remix’ White
05. Torchman ‘A Light In The Dark’ Face Records
06. Jim Polo & Neil Vass ‘Underground Feelin’ (Pascal & Sponge Remix)
Face Records
07. Pascal & Sponge ‘Raw Basics’ Face Records x2
08. Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth ‘New Direction’ (93 Remix) Basement Records
09. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer ‘Ruffer’ Slammin Vinyl
10. Bass Ballistics ‘Kick Dis One’ Formation Records
11. Tango ‘Future Followers’ Formation Records
12. DJ Solo ‘Darkage’ Production House
13. DJ Hype ‘Weird Energy’ (Hells’ Bells Mix) Suburban Base
14. Cool Hand Flex ‘Mars’ In Touch
15. Cool Hand Flex ‘ Hey-Yeh’ U No Dat

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