Unreleased tune: Dillinja – You

Dillinja++Lemon+D+dillinjalemond480x475The words ‘unreleased Dillinja’ will always grab the attention of Drumtrip, and even more so due to the fact that this release is out there on vinyl somewhere.

It appears to be on a test press with the catalogue number VDLP7, along with VIPs of Krome & Time’s ‘The Licence’, Photek – First Sequence and Hopa & Bones – Mystical Horns, none of which have ever been released.

Info taken from the discogs.com entry;


A1 Krome & Time The License (VIP Mix)
B1 Dillinja You
C1 Studio Pressure First Sequence (VIP Mix)
C2 Skanna The Greatest Thing (Summertime Mix)
D1 Hopa & Bones Mystical Horns (VIP Mix)
D2 Mystic Moods Co-producer LTJ Bukem Music Is So Special

Crugga of Crugga records has upped the video for all of the unreleased tunes on Youtube, the Dillinja track being the highlight for me. Watch the amens on the 2nd drop!

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