Unreleased Source Direct, ‘Tailor Made’ dubplate.

Photo0288This is one of three dubplates I bought from Phil Aslett about 2 years ago on eBay, surprisingly they had gone unnoticed so I got them for a cheap price.
Anyway, 2 of the 6 tunes on the dubplates were fully unreleased, one was a downtempo thing like Modus Operandi, and one was a jazzy D&B number, this is the latter.

Cut at the prestigious Masterpiece, this dates back to around 1997-98, so its a little out of the Drumtrip era but still worth putting up, according to what Phil said at the time, it could be the only copy in existence.
The tune itself isn’t vintage Source Direct, its totally different to Exorcise The Demons too, but its still a nice piece.
Check a nice clip I uploaded to youtube below.

Ill get the downtempo piece called ‘Monte Carlo’ on very soon.

*Update* I ended up selling this dubplate, with the two others for a tidy profit to a very happy collector in Greece. All profits, were of course, spent on more vinyl if I remember correctly.

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