Deep Blue & Blame – Transitions / Re-Transitions

Transitions & Re-transitions (Moving Shadow 93) 1996

R-80428-1366284880-2476.jpegPart of the Moving Shadow management, Shaun O’Keefe AKA Deep Blue teams up with original Shadow artist, Blame on this release from 1996.

Transitions starts with a cold string that almost sounds like its breathing before a simple metallic beat moves the track along. Gentle percussion gives the track more rhythm and a cold horn section add to the atmospherics as the beats just keep on rolling.

Re-Transitions is a pure blue note. The simple metallic beat from Transitions is expanded for more dance floor appeal, Superb edits on the beats and an acidic hook keep your attention locked on the groove. As the track nears its completion an uplifting chord section that sounds like it could have come straight from the Motor city itself puts some ice cold soul into the proceedings.

Two rolling tracks from Rob Playfords label showing that sometimes the simplest of ideas often work the best.

As with a lot of the Shadow releases from this time, there are plenty available online to buy, and a steal on Discogs from under £2.00.

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