Lemon D – Break It Up

R-19399-1222697986If you only got into D&B since in the 2000s you’d be forgiven for underrating Lemon D a little, or even thinking he is just Dillinja’s sidekick.

Admittedly his post-millenium D&B work might not be amazing, but throughout the 90s he was immense. From his early days on his own Planet Earth imprint, to outings on Goldie’s Metalheadz, Grooverider’s Prototype, Bryan G’s V Recordings and more – Lemon D was a mainstay of the D&B scene.

“Break It Up”, perhaps one of his lesser celebrated tracks, is a nice snapshot of where D&B was at in 1996. Gone are the jungle vibes and ushered in is a familiar sounding two-step drum pattern, with moody atmospheric synths (that sounds very much like the same sample Photek used in “First Sequence”), and a steady bassline holding things together.

To keep you interested “Break It Up” subtly progresses throughout, with both the beat and bass pattern switching around. Definitely a grower.

This one can be found on Reinforced’s Enforcers Vol 9 + 10 EP.

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