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Drumtrip is back!

So it’s been a long time since the last post, not that far off a year in fact which is very slack and very typical of me. But after a vigorous redesign, updates left right and centre and renewed enthusiasm, Drumtrip is back. The site now features a swanky responsive design which fits nicely to phone, tablet or

DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl (Unreleased mix)

This version of The Dark Crystl by DJ Crystl never made it past dubplate, huge shame in my opinion! One of my favourite DJ Crystl tunes and certainly has his signature dark and futuristic sound to it. The twisted hoover/mentasm breakdown in particular is really sinister sounding. Great stuff.

Law & Wheeler – Jungle Hardcore Mix – November 2006

A nice little mix here recorded back in 2006 alongside my good friend and longtime (though intermittent) mixing-partner-in-crime; Wheeler aka Double-V aka Clangmaster Flex. We may well have been drunk when it was mixed together but most of the set is very passable. What I love about this selection is nearly all of these tunes

Bristol Jungle Documentary – Sounds of the West 1996

An excellent (near) half hour documentary which takes you through the Bristol Jungle scene of 1996. Bristol was a hotbed for UK music, as well as the Full Cycle crew, the West Country city was responsible for the ‘Trip Hop’ explosion of the mid 90’s with artists such as Portishead (who I worship), Tricky and

Pascal – P-Funk Era (Unreleased DJ Zinc Mix)

The great DJ Zinc may have mostly left D&B behind these days but there is no doubting his legacy and contribution to the genre and UK dance music in general. After a few early releases he starting out alongside Hype on their label Ganja Records where created one of D&B’s biggest anthems in Super Sharp Shooter. True Playaz

Drumtrip is 2 years old!

I have missed official birthday which was the on the 10th but it has been just over two years since the first post was created. You can see that very post here. This year I plan to get a few more posts out there and a few more guest writers so if you are interested