TOTD: Seba & Lo Tek – So Long

so-longToday’s tune of the day is by Staffan Soderman (Lo Tek) and one of the most prolific producers of the Drum & Bass/Jungle scene: Sebastian Ahrenberg (Seba). But this is not to undermine Lo Tek, as he has partaken in many great collaborations during the 90s that have really aged well through time, including today’s TOTD.

The track, initially released on Goodlooking Records in 1996, was the B side of Sonic Winds. Although Sonic Winds is an absolutely stunning track, for myself and many others that share my taste in music, So Long was really the highlight of the release.
Starting off with the “so long…” vocal sample that resonates throughout the track, the smooth pads and  gentle keys are slowly combined with a seemingly dry set of breaks.
Layers are added in typical Seba fashion, and then the amen break hits. Once you get to the second drop, the track takes a deeper turn when more pronounced keys are added, and that is what sealed this tune as one of my personal all time favorites.

The track is available on multiple releases on different formats, but the vinyl is still a prized possession to be had.

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