Bargain Jungle: Asend & Ultravibe – Real Love

realloveRewind back to 1995 when everything Jungle orientated was still going through some kind of transition stage, some tunes retaining earlier roots of Acid House and Hardcore while others branching off towards mass Amen destruction.

Ascend & Ultravibe (otherwise known as Dead Dred) were quite a duo when it came to producing solid tunes – ‘Real Love’ being a personal favourite of mine which kind of toyed with inspiration from recent years gone by. On one hand you have a deep pad and string introduction which oozes vibes and atmosphere, on the other reverse bass notes of destruction combined with crashing drum loops. Hold tight till the middle of the track and the same string and piano intro is duplicated but this time featuring female vocal samples referring to the track title.

It’s a wonder where the whole piano vibe disappeared to for the masses, especially as it works so well alongside many of the breaks used in Jungle and Drum & Bass. Liquid producers obviously carried the idea well but when I say for the masses I mean for the whole scene. I can’t really name a tune of recent times that reflected to this era and carried it off well.

If any tune was relevant to the whole ‘lighter’ era then this would certainly be one I would suggest burning some Zippo gas to.

Pick this up today on Discogs for around £2. Bargain Jungle!

Some other gems from this talented duo such as ‘Dred Bass’, ‘What Kind of World’ and ‘This Ain’t Opera’.

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