Law – Adam F: The Early Years Mix

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Adam Fenton, better known as Adam F, is one of few jungle acts to truly make a mark on the popular music scene outside of Drum and Bass circles (sorry!). His debut long player ‘Colours’ was a landmark for the UK jungle scene and is one of those albums, along with Goldie’s ‘Timeless’, that will always be mentioned as one of the greatest ever to come out of the D&B genre.

He pioneered the jazz and funk fusion style and was one of the first producers to enlist live musicians for his for his work. The LP was released on major label ‘EMI’ in 1997 with singles such as ‘Circles’ and ‘Music In My Mind’ charting in UK top 20.

The son of glam rocker Alvin Stardust, Adam F went on to bigger success at the turn of the millennium when he produced an album focusing mainly on his first love; Hip Hop. The album ‘Kaos’ was a worldwide hit and featured heavy hitters like MOP, LL Cool J, Redman and GURU. In the mid 2000s he joined forces with Fresh (Bad Company) to start the label ‘Breakbeat Kaos’ and signed a fledgling D&B act from Australia called Pendulum

Adam F of course had to start somewhere, and the birthplace of his sound was the legendary Lucky Spin Recordings, and Section 5 (a Moving Shadow subsidiary). This mix features his lesser played pre-Colours work, from around 1993 to 1995.

His first outings on Lucky Spin were in-keeping with the style of the label; deep, blissful and tribal sounds aplenty. Whilst a little later on Section 5 you can start to hear how his productions were starting to move towards a jazzier more drum and bass style.

01. Fenturion – Mother Ship – Force Ten
02. Adam F – Light Years – Lucky Spin
03. Adam F – Eclipse – Lucky Spin
04. Adam F & Slipmaster J – Sea Of Destiny (Remix) – Lucky Spin
05. Adam F – Whiplash – Lucky Spin
06. Adam F – Prophet Of God – Deep Jungle
07. Adam F – The Bible – Section 5
08. Adam F – Criminal Active ?- Section 5
09. Adam F – Digital Air – Section 5
10. Adam F – Enchanted – Section 5
11. Adam F – Lighter Style – Section 5
12. DJ Harmony – Let Me In (Adam F Remix) – Moving Shadow
13. Adam F – What Ya Sayin’ – Section 5
14. Adam F – Burning Deep – Section 5

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.

  • Simon

    DJ Harmony – Let Me In (Adam F Remix). One of my favourite tunes ever. Makes me think of a warm sunny day being in the jungle.

  • Wheeler

    I agree, that Let Me In remix is spectacular. I’d forgot about that tune, heard this mix and headed straight to discogs and picked up parts 1&2 🙂

  • jish-wa

    Light Years, what a tune. cheers for the mix, hadnt heard a couple of these

  • Simon

    I remember being back in 96, was about 14 years old, bought first jungle album which was that drum and bass experience by Ellis dee and hype ( Ellis dee mix blew me away and finished off with that tune.

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