Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 3: Flowah

beautifully crafted 3

The next installment from, friends of Drumtrip, the “Long live beautifully crafted Jungle!” Facebook group comes via Flowah.

Volume 3 moves the series on a couple of years into rolling atmospheric drum and bass territory.

Smooth, rolling mixing in and out of classic tracks from the likes of  Nookie, Funky Technicians, PFM and Photek.

Watch out for a personal favourite of mine in there by Motiv One; Cosmik. Motiv One of course going onto record as the very different sounding Twisted Anger for Ray Keith’s “Dread Recordings” at the turn of the millenium.

Unwind to Beautifully Crafted Jungle Volume 3: Flowah

DJ Pulse – U Down
Pete & The Dream Team – LA Dreams (remix)
Alaska & Nucleus – Persistence of Vision
Nookie – The Prelude
Total Science – Forcefield
Motiv One – Cosmik
Kodus – Soul Searching
JMJ & Richie – Montana (Deep Blue remix)
Photek – T’Raenon
Funky Technicians – Classified
PFM – Inertia

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