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Grooverider @ Amnesia House ‘The Big Bank Holiday Bash Part II

So just a few days ago Fabio and Grooverider played their last ever set on their institution of a show on Radio One after 14 years. An end of an era really but even in those 14 years Drum & Bass has changed drastically, and as its Radio One it comes as no surprise there is no longer space

Drumtrip TV Show #6 – Kola Nut

Drumtrip TV reached is 6th week on 26th March and it was quite the occasion. We had the amazing Kentish Kola Nut on the wheels who wowed us with his war-like appreciation of ruff and ready jungle work-outs. It was a great selection in the end, really varied with some underrated gems scattered with a few certified classics. Soundcloud MP3 Tracklisting

Raime – Jungle Mix for Fact Mag

I can’t claim to know a huge amount about production duo Raime. But on my daily trawlings through the web I see they knocked up a fantstic looking Jungle mix for Fact Mag. Their own creations may at first sound like a world away from the beats in this mix but upon further inspection you

Drumtrip TV Show #5 – Law

Drumtrip TV #5 was captained by myself Law, and it was fantastic voyage into very nice beats and bass. The set comes in at just over an hour and it was a real random selection, almost picking out the first vinyl that came to hand when thrusting around in the crates and shelves, and it turned out

Bargain Jungle: Hidden Rooms LP – Certificate 18

A bit of a special edition of our bargin jungle feature today as it is not just the one tune being featured, but eight! Certificate 18 started life as forward thinking hardcore label with a techno influenced sound, early stalwarts of the label included the legendary Photek, Source Direct and Klute among others. Photek dominated the early

Tune Of The Day: Origination – Music Takes Control

Origination consisted of a certain Rupert Parkes AKA Photek and Rob Solomon (Lexis & RJS) before they both found solo success of Certificate 18 and beyond. The tune in question is ‘Music Takes Control’, a classic mix of rugged early jungle vibes with tough beats and bass, combined with uplifting strings and of course; the all important