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Who was Baraka? It wasn’t Jonny L after all…

Over the last few years “I’ll Be There“, by the apparent mystery producer Baraka, has become an extremely sought-after, cult tune. As it was never clear on the label who Baraka actually was – although Kid Andy is listed as ‘co-ordinator’, many people (myself included) had speculated that Baraka was in fact an alias for

Dan Norman – Sounds Of Life 95-97

Another post and mix from regular Drumtrip reader Dan Norman. I was listening to some Doc Scott and Kemistry/Storm mixes the other day (Mixmag and One in the Jungle) and it inspired me to have a dig for the kind of mid to late 90s tunes which were rated highly at the time but never surfaced

Drumtrip Sessions #01 – DJ Extreme

Welcome to the new regular feature Drumtrip Sessions. Drumtrip Sessions will exclusively showcase the mixing and selecting talents of DJ’s from across the word. Spinning hardcore, jungle, drum and bass, and maybe even a few surprises. It is a pleasure to be able to launch the Sessions with a mix by DJextreme. Extreme is responsible for countless

Tune Of The Day: Baraka – I’ll Be There

Quite a cult tune this one, motivated by the air of mystery surrounding the producer. Released on the relatively short-lived, but prolific hardcore and jungle label ‘Boogie Beat‘ in 1995, ‘I’ll Be There‘ is hypnotic and frantic, but also quite a deep cut. Starting with ethereal bells or chimes it builds up before a razor sharp amen and sub

Bargain Jungle : Roz – U Can Be My Lover (Jonny L Remixes)

The first of the bargain jungle posts, I’ll be on the look out for obscure jungle available at knock down prices.  Whether its a one hit wonder or a remix on a major label. To kick off we have Roz – U Can Be My Lover (Jonny L Remixes). Ruff and ready amens, available on