Tune Of The Day: Baraka – I’ll Be There

baraka-ill-be-thereQuite a cult tune this one, motivated by the air of mystery surrounding the producer.

Released on the relatively short-lived, but prolific hardcore and jungle label ‘Boogie Beat‘ in 1995, ‘I’ll Be There‘ is hypnotic and frantic, but also quite a deep cut.

Starting with ethereal bells or chimes it builds up before a razor sharp amen and sub bass combo hit. The pace is unrelenting and there is a real air of energy and urgency about the track.

The producer name ‘Baraka’ can mean one of several things;
My first thought is that it would be taken from the character from Mortal Kombat II, two years after the track was released.
It was also a natural world documentary film or it simply means ‘blessings’ in either Hebrew or Arabic languages.
One thing is sure, the identity of the producer remains a mystery with only one more release to his name.

Was he a kind of one hit wonder? Or, as the production suggests, a more established producer……
Due to the similarities in sound rumours have pointed to a certain Jonny L (see his U Can Be My Lover remix for the evidence)

Whatever the story, it’s a great track and one I would have love to have made a Bargain Jungle 12″  but despite being relatively unknown to most, its still fairly sought after by a few and as such its expensive to track down

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