Everything But The Girl – Single (Photek Remix)

EBTG - Single (Photek Remix)Perhaps one of my favourite remixes of tune from outside the jungle / D&B scene.

Everything But The Girl are probably best known in the UK for the chart topping single “Missing”. A single that when first released didn’t exactly set the charts alight, but blew up when remixed by Todd Terry and re-released in 1995. This house remix, of what was previously a downtempo folky tune with cowbell in abundance, kick started a move into the electronic / dance music genre for the band.

Taken from the 1996 album “Walking Wounded“, the original mix of Single was a melancholy trip hop number in the style made famous the masters Portishead. For the remix, Photek kept things pretty simple.

Doubling the tempo Photek adds his signature razor sharp breaks along with sub bass – whilst keeping the full vocal track intact.

It makes a great tune just a little bit better for me. A tune that can be enjoyed on it’s as a song, or within a atmospheric mix amongst the work of Photek and his peers.

Thankfully this one was released as a promo with the Photek remix being given the entire A-side. Failing, that you can also get the full release where the Photek mix shares a side with another track.

Bag it from as little as 49p!

This track features on my all Photek mix entitled: “The Biography Of Photek”.

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