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Law – All Artist / Producer Mixes

If you’ve been following Drumtrip you’ll know I have knocked up a fair few all artist mixes over the years. I’m aware that plenty of people are not really a fan of these types of mixes, thinking they are a bit lazy or obvious. I can understand that argument to an extent – it would be easy to

Unreleased History of the Invisible Man update [08/10/14]

By now we’d hoped to have some positive news for you, since we were promised delivery of the record by now… Lo and behold the entire press was delivered to Graham’s place (Invisible Man) and on first inspection they looked amazing! However, after checking a good sample of the records it became immediately apparent there

Whatever happened to Source Direct? Part 2 : Jim Baker interview

If you are reading this, than Source Direct really need no introduction. Over the years since they disbanded they have developed a cult-like following, with music lovers from beyond the boundaries of drum and bass applauding their 90s body of work. Until a few years ago, the mystery of Source Direct and what happened to

Bay B Kane – Unfolding Perspective

Perhaps one of the great unsung heros of drum and bass (in 2014 at least). Hugely prolific between 1992 and 1995, Bay B Kane was one of the leading producers on the White House stable, producing under a slew of aliases for several different labels. Bay B Kane, real name Mel Jalal Tanur, quickly solidified with his

Steve C & DJ Monita – The Razors Edge 2014

Good friend of Drumtrip, DJ Monita, is re-launching Skeleton Recordings for 2014. To start proceedings, he is not only repressing the Bukem favourite “The Razors Edge”, but is also including some excellent new remixes. Limited Edition 12″ clear vinyl with full colour printed sleeve. Tracklist: A – The Razors Edge (Original 1994 Version)AA1 – The

Unreleased History Of The Invisible Man Vinyl

Drumtrip is delighted to announce a debut vinyl release, in the form of a trio of amazing tunes from none other than The Invisible Man. The EP features three previously unreleased tracks from The Invisible Man’s archives, ranging from 1993 to 1996. It will be released on transparent dark blue speckled vinyl! Priced at £11.00 + P&P.