Spring Heel Jack – Wide As The Moon (Hyper On Experience Remix)

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Spring Heel Jack - Suspensions EP 12Spring Heel Jack were a production duo who started their career experimenting with the mid 90s jungle sound, on the edges of the jungle scene.

Their debut LP ‘There Are Strings’ released on the respected Rough Trade imprint was a mix of lush atmospheric strings and chords with off kilter drums alongside a couple of downtempo / dub tracks. The stand out for me was the single that took the same name as the LP, ‘There Are Strings‘.

They have released albums consistently since then, moving more into more jazz and downtempo territory yet still with the odd, more experimental drum and bass sounding tune from album to album.

Today’s bargain jungle selection however is a remix by a name slightly more known for their all out hardcore and jungle work. Hyper On Experience’s unique take on hardcore in their early Moving Shadow won them many plaudits and the two members Danny Demierre and Alex Banks went on to become successful producers under other aliases. Danny’s solo work as Flytronix defined the lighter sound of mid 90s Moving Shadow, and Alex was also prominent on the label as one half of UK top 40 gatecrashers EZ-Rollers.

Wide As The Moon remix sounds less Hyper On Experience and more Flytronix however, with a structure similar to Danny’s classic ‘The Rhode Tune‘. The remix features crisp rolling two step drums alongside an upbeat 808 bassline. Add to this mixture the trimmed back string and sample elements of the original mix, and you have a perfect tune to slot into an 90s ‘mellow’ selection.

The remix appeared on a double vinyl release called ‘The Suspensions EP‘ which also featured two original tracks by Spring Heel Jack, and a remix of a track called ‘Midwest‘ by another well known Moving Shadow stalwart; Omni Trio.

As you would expect for a bargain jungle tune, this release is dirt cheap with plenty for sale on Discogs from just 99p.

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