TOTD – Klute – Ram Raider

kule-ram-raider-work-it-outSeveral weeks ago I was discussing with Rise, a great friend and and a great DJ, about what tracks would be fitting for a very dark drum & bass/jungle mix, without  making it too “techsteppish”.
We referenced the obvious tunes such as “Dylan – Witchcraft“, “Source Direct – The Crane“, and “Decoder – Fog“. However, he did mention a tune that has stuck with me since. Shamefully I didn’t know about it, but it is the very epitome of what we were discussing.

This leads us to the tune of the day: Klute – Ram Raider, released on Certificate 18 in 1996, which was part of a 3 track vinyl. Side A has “Right Or Wrong” and the B side holding two tracks entitled “Work It Out” and, obviously, “Ram Raider”.

Ram Raider starts off with a cryptic chopped up break that is instantaneously recognizable. A heavy choppy amen gets added and the tune takes shape.
Up until then you feel that this is just another good amen track, but it deepens when the first drop hits. Some eerie pads sweep in, and suddenly the sample “The lights are on…but nobody’s home” gets added to the track.
Klute slams the amen back on and shivers go up your spine. For me, it’s darkness at it’s best.  Listen below.

If anyone has more recommendations of tracks for a dark dnb/jungle mix, please post in the comments below or on Drumtrip’s facebook page.

P.S.: The tune also falls under the Bargain Jungle section, as it can be bought for a few quid on discogs. Enjoy!

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