Uncle Dugs interviews Goldie

goldie interviewUncle Dugs’ Rinse FM show is perhaps the last radio slot dedicated to old skool drum and bass currently riding the airwaves, his shows have become known for the relaxed but in-depth interviews from some of the genres biggest names.
To date he has spoken at length to the likes of Nookie, Slipmatt, A Guy Called Gerald, and Kool FM founder Eastman.

This interview is probably the most fascinating, and it would be, as the interviewee is arguably jungle’s most interesting and enduring character, Clifford Joseph Price.

This three hour interview takes you from practically the birth of Goldie, to present day, and almost everything in between.

Goldie speaks of his troubled youth, living in care and various foster homes whilst dealing with the anger and sadness of being abandoned.
Discovering his talent for art at school and meeting lost family, before becoming a house hold name in the early UK graffiti scene and plying his trade in the home of all things hip hop and b-boy, the South Bronx in the 1980s.

It takes about an hour in to the show before we even get to Goldie The Musician, where he explains how he met Kemistry who put him on to the emerging new sound of UK hardcore. Meeting 4Hero and recording at Dollis Hill, learning the ropes and the making of the early Reinforced tracks like Darkrider, and signing a deal with Synthetic for Terminator.

The next topics are the creation of Metalheadz, Inner City Life and Timeless, and how the legendary nights at the Blue Note came to be. And Goldie the rockstar in the mid nineties, rubbing shoulders with David Bowie, Noel Gallagher and the Spice Girls.
The interview goes on to the present day and the release of his ‘best of’ album The Alchemist.

If you have read his biography, or read or seen interviews in the past you may be familiar with a lot of the mans life until now. Either way, its still makes for fascinating reading and he remains a fascinating personality.
An true artist in every sense of the word, and in my opinion one of very few of the original producers from jungle’s early days who never sold out, who never sacrificed his integrity and art.

He may act in Bond films, he may play a gangsta called ‘Angel’ in Eastenders, or go on Celebrity Big Brother, or Strictly Come Dancing. But never once has his music suffered, never has Metalheadz been watered down and never once as he turned his back on the scene he helped create, and helped create him.

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