Alex Reece – Feel The Sunshine (DJ Pulse Remix)

R-15927-1322233794Maybe the cheapest bargain jungle tune we’ve found yet.

After a well documented dispute with Goldie over the rights to “Pulp Fiction”, Alex Reece left the Headz camp and swiftly found his home on 4th & Broadway Records, a subsidiary of the well known Island Records.

He released his debut album entitled So Far in 1996, a collection of laid back, jazz infused, and sometimes vocal, drum and bass tracks. Featured on this album, along with an edited version of Pulp Fiction renamed Pulp Friction, was the original mix of Feel The Sunshine (which apparently made it into the UK top 20).

The DJ Pulse remix definitely takes it up a few notches in my opinion. Whilst the original was a jazzy affair, the Pulse version is a little more atmospheric, with a slightly sombre vibe.

Like the original it moves along in a two step fashion, but with hints of the apache break littered throughout, featuring the original vocals by Deborah Anderson (who sounds a bit like Bjork on this at times). Like everything Creative Wax boss Pulse did around this time, its pretty solid.

Being a released on a subsidiary of a big label like Island Records (itself a part of Polygram at the time, and now Universal), I assume it was press in large volumes, so there are plenty of copies available on discogs from just 50 pence!

Add it to your wants list and tag it onto your next order.

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