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Law, Kola Nut, Stimpy, Ripon & J Funk – The Essential Jungle Mix

Myself and a few others knocked this up way back in 2006, and fitting perfectly in our designated timezone at Drumtrip, it makes sense to add it. You can see the original 2006 thread at here This basically consisted of each DJ doing their seperate parts, and then my good self pasted them all

Bargain Jungle: Total Science – Split Personality

Total Science might not be at the same standard these days, but from 1992 to the turn of the millenium they were (along with Dillinja) the most consistent and productive producers around, and they could easily turn their hand to any style. Split Personality came out on Timeless in 1996, sounding very much like Source

Unreleased Source Direct, ‘Tailor Made’ dubplate.

This is one of three dubplates I bought from Phil Aslett about 2 years ago on eBay, surprisingly they had gone unnoticed so I got them for a cheap price. Anyway, 2 of the 6 tunes on the dubplates were fully unreleased, one was a downtempo thing like Modus Operandi, and one was a jazzy

Whatever happened to Source Direct? Phil Aslett interview

Now, first of all I must make this clear, this interview is by the lovely folk at , check out the site, its a huge resource for contemporary drum and bass. Anyway, this is a general interview but its the first half that caught my attention, where Phil talks about his Source Direct past