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DJ Trax – All Mixrace 92-96 Mix for Blog To The Oldskool

DJ Trax has dug around in the vaults to put together a brilliant mix to celebrate the first release on 8205 (a new label put together by Pete Devnull, man behind the excellent Blog To The Oldskool). The debut release, 8205-001, is a pair of old Mixrace tunes from 94/94 that never saw the light of day. Mixrace of

Drumtrip Sessions #10 – DJ Trax

It’s taken a while but Drumtrip Sessions finally reaches the big one zero. This time around scene stalwart DJ Trax talks to Drumtrip about his beginnings, his working with the likes of Paradox and Moving Shadow, and what’s he’s got next in the pipeline. Don’t miss his excellent Drumtrip Sessions mix at the end of