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Drumtrip Sessions #11 – Djinn

For session 11 we caught up with dubstep, jungle, and general all-things-bass selector Djinn! Hi Djinn, thanks for taking time out to talk to us. First up, where are you from and where are you at now? Easy, I’m in Manchester –   was born here, & lived here for a bit, had a spell over in the

Spring Heel Jack – Wide As The Moon (Hyper On Experience Remix)

Bargain Jungle Spring Heel Jack were a production duo who started their career experimenting with the mid 90s jungle sound, on the edges of the jungle scene. Their debut LP ‘There Are Strings’ released on the respected Rough Trade imprint was a mix of lush atmospheric strings and chords with off kilter drums alongside a

Tune Of The Day – Foul Play – Finest Illusion (Illegal Mix)

We try to stay clear of making huge anthems such as this one a ‘TOTD’ but it’s Friday, I’m in a good mood and cannot get these vocals out of my head. Foul Play were a trio consisting of John Morrow, Steve Bradshaw (who sadly passed away in 1998) and the highly influential Steve Gurley. They

Drumtrip TV Show #6 – Kola Nut

Drumtrip TV reached is 6th week on 26th March and it was quite the occasion. We had the amazing Kentish Kola Nut on the wheels who wowed us with his war-like appreciation of ruff and ready jungle work-outs. It was a great selection in the end, really varied with some underrated gems scattered with a few certified classics. Soundcloud MP3 Tracklisting