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Unreleased History Of The Invisible Man Vinyl

Drumtrip is delighted to announce a debut vinyl release, in the form of a trio of amazing tunes from none other than The Invisible Man. The EP features three previously unreleased tracks from The Invisible Man’s archives, ranging from 1993 to 1996. It will be released on transparent dark blue speckled vinyl! Priced at £11.00 + P&P.

Brian Badonde – Drumtrip Radio #002 [09/04/14]

The second Drumtrip Radio show, recorded on 9th April 2014 and hosted by Dave M aka Brian Badonde! Having recently got hold of some super exclusive unreleased Invisible Man dubplates, Brian’s debut Drumtrip show is a homage Graham Mew, a man also known as Mysteron and Doctor G. A few of these tunes have never been played