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Jam One – Dubplate Jungle Mix [March 2014]

I spotted this over at DNBA forums, forum member Jam One has put together a superb selection of unreleased, hard-to-find, and remade tunes. There are some real gems in here such as a remake of the unreleased Tango & Fallout track “Revelations”, an unreleased Dillinja dubplate “Baby Your”, and the almost mythical Photek track “Feeling

Darkman – String Of Darkness

Killer hardcore beats from DJ SS and EQ‘s alter ego Darkman from a couple of decades ago, 1992 to be precise. The standard formula is there: bouncing 4-4 beats, pitched up vocals (the same as used on Rufige Kru’s immense “Believe“) and the inevitable piano lick but this is more than just your average stomper. Taken from a

Law presents… Hugh’s Junglist Mash Up

A mix I put together a good year or so now, just some proper hectic amen stuff, dancefloor, mostly 1995. 00.. Hugh reminisces…. 01.. Renegade – Nina’s Rinse – Dread 02.. DJ SS – Black – Formation 03.. Remarc – RIP (Remarc Remix) – Planet Mu 04.. Andy C – Cool Down – Ram Records