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Drumtrip Sessions #04 – J Rolla

Sessions #04 comes courtesy of J Rolla, the man with a record collection that makes me cry, and he has knocked up pirate radio special for Drumtrip. J explains the thinking behind #04…. I was first introduced to pirate radio in 1991, and it played a huge role in shaping my musical tastes. Being a

Whats that lyric? Orange in the Dance

I had to post up a highly amusing thread posted by Stimpy & Drum & Bass Arena forums. Some guy is looking for a set list for an old Kenny Ken set, to be fair to him he knows a few tunes already but his descriptions of some of the lyrics,  of huge tunes I

Haste – Ragga Jungle Part 4: Skylarking

Little old skool jungle mix I knocked up recently that I thought would be worth sharing. It’s not all ragga, some other styles of jungle in there to keep things sounding fresh. Hopefully a few bits & pieces that might be new to some people’s ears. DJ Peekay – Deep Physics [Fokus Studio] Jay J