Whats that lyric? Orange in the Dance

I had to post up a highly amusing thread posted by Stimpy & Drum & Bass Arena forums.
Some guy is looking for a set list for an old Kenny Ken set, to be fair to him he knows a few tunes already but his descriptions of some of the lyrics,  of huge tunes I might add, are nothing short of genius.

Such gems as ‘Orange in the Dance’ and ‘Menna menna menna gwan, special didda kissan’

nutnutI have been looking for this setlist for some time. I found someone else on the net that is looking for the set list as well but I’m not sure if it was posted here. The description is posted below. My friend used to have this tape and I loved it and looking for some if the tracks to download if available

Thanks for your help

Taken from the net

Right, I’ve got this set I really need a tracklisting for. It’s a Kenny Ken old skool jungle set, probably made for a CD or something due to lack of MC and crowd noise. Any info, a set name or tracklisting would be great. Nice one. :thumb:

A bit of info (not every track covered because some tunes I can’t really describe):

Starts off with Original Nuttah and mixes into Valley of the Shadows (31 Seconds).
Mad jungle tune with voice sample ‘The pope a’ namana, I follow you like namana’ (fuck knows) with a piano roll over the top and vocal effects.
Sample from ‘Renegade – Terrorist’ – piano section and the sort of bouncing noise from it.
Mix of tunes, one featuring a ‘Junglist’ voice sample, another with a sentence repeated I can’t make out.
‘Can’t get you out of my head, and I stop digging around (?) about the love that you made for me’ sample before dropping into heavy jungle tune with dark bass.
‘Make the jungle chirp’ introduction to a tune sample.

I think this tune is Bunn The Sensi, features the sample ‘…push up yo’ hand if you love the sensi, shout it out and everybody, every woman and man…(?)’, (or similar) followed by the ‘Make the jungle chirp’ sample.
Remarc – RIP drops, followed by ‘You love …something something… junglist an’ dem ting’ sample, which is repeated a few times
‘Hey bludclart, hey bludclart (is a dead bumberclart?), hey pussyclart’ sample repeated over and over – followed by ‘Stoooooop!’ sample and some mad jungle tune with woman sample vocals and a ‘Special request’ sample, and ‘rude bwoy’ sample.
Mellows down, ‘Your not my, can’t deny it, your my heat fire fire fire (?), your not my, can’t deny it, love me now or I’ll go crazy’ sample. Drops into a quality tune, ‘Special’ sample taken (from that Special Request tune). 24 minutes in at this point.

‘Your not my, can’t deny it, etc..’ sample comes back after mad jungle tune dies down a bit. Sets dies off and comes back in with another new un-mixed tune. Another sample taken (sounds like a Jamaican man) that I can’t make out.

Nice piano roll kicks in with woman vocal effects (‘I got somethin’ for your mind, your…something something…’ sample). ‘Ooooh yes!’ sample taken over mellow section.
‘Our junglist, our junglist’ tune drops. 37 minutes in set stops briefly (as if swopping over a tape)
Set stops and ‘Tonight, you are you going to hear music you’ve never heard before. Tonight, you are going to hear the most contanctious, poisonous red-neck (?) dubplates you’ve ever heard!’ sample.
‘Menna menna menna gwan, special didda kissan…(?)’ tune drops, followed by male vocal effects – ‘Oooh oh oh I’ll be there…hey, hey…’
Sample which sounds like ‘Orange in the dance’. Mellows right out, and the ‘menna menna menna gwan…’ sample taken again over atmospheric sounds and piano melody, again followed by ‘Ohh oh oh, I’ll be there’ sample. The set really mellows out from this point on.

‘But now it’s time for you …something… a teet (?)’ sample, an the ‘Orange in the dance’ sample again, with another Jamaican (?) man saying something I can’t make out. 46 minutes in. ‘Sensi mania run income the dance…(…Orange in the dance…)(?)’ woman sample.
‘Well you can’t stop ’til you find my love, that’s the love you’re dreaming of! Ooooh you can’t stop ’til you find my love (something about junglist…)’ woman sample. Followed by another Jamaican (?) man saying something over and over I can’t make out.

‘Zoom zoom zoom (?) …yo, watch dis!’ sample, drops into a quality heavy bassline with sirens over the top. ‘Throw the mercy, oh yeah, alright’ sample repeated over and over.
Fucking gorgeous ambient track drops, with a saxophone or something over the top (I dunno, something like that – trombone maybe?). I’d especially like to know the name of this tune, it’s heaven! 55 minutes in. This tune drops in properly again at 58 minutes, and again with just the saxophone bit playing and nothing else at 1 hour 2 minutes.
‘East and south, with the original ..something…’ female sample followed again by the ‘menna menna menna gwan’ sample, and a ‘…this is what it sounds like when we make love’ female sample.
‘Builder, builder builder…’ sample, before the set finishes abruptly at 1 hour 7 minutes.

I can see everybody reading this and going ‘what the fuck?’, and I appreciate that nobody will be interested. I would say if you don’t like it don’t read it but it’s a bit late really now (what a fucking stupid saying that is, you should be ashamed if you say that – unless of course, you know a tracklisting then you may do whatever the fuck you want. :))

I’ll try add some audio samples of the main features if nobody knows what I’m going on about..

Just hoping someone will know what I’m on about. Maybe.

Thankyou. 🙂

Thanks for reading

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