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Drumtrip TV Show #6 – Kola Nut

Drumtrip TV reached is 6th week on 26th March and it was quite the occasion. We had the amazing Kentish Kola Nut on the wheels who wowed us with his war-like appreciation of ruff and ready jungle work-outs. It was a great selection in the end, really varied with some underrated gems scattered with a few certified classics. Soundcloud MP3 Tracklisting

Bargain Jungle: M-Beat & Jamiroquai – Do U Know (Where You’re Coming From)

Like many big, and respected acts of the mid 90’s Jamiroquai dabbled in a bit of jungle, but it was not just a thoughtless remix, they actually collaborated with the once huge (and then outcasted) M-Beat. Jamiroquai were already well known for their laid back, acid jazz stylings and it seemed a logical progression (sorry!)